Internal Needs Assessment in Vientiane, Laos

                                    Screenshot of new consolidated Literacy page

                               Data visualization dashboard for supporting decision making


                     Operations Team in San Francisco, CA, making use of the new tool



Insights    |    Without user research, this project would not have been successful. Room to Read has a vastly diverse user base in terms of technical confidence and experience, English-language skills, and needs. We could not have designed a tool that would have been adopted by users without their input.

Role    |    Project Manager, UX Research Lead, Solution Architect & Designer, Training Materials Creator

Problem    |    The data structure for Room to Read's internal system for managing projects/inputs in the field no longer supported all the interactions needed for Room to Read's evolved program design.  

Process    |    Working across 17 different countries, conducted interviews to gather user needs, contextual inquiries to understand workflows, performed needs and usability assessments, synthesized needs across countries and departments to craft a narrative and proposal for stakeholders, prioritized changes, and ultimately designed and implemented a solution that helps people do their jobs better 

Methods    |    contextual inquiry, internal needs assessment, surveys, usability testing, process design and modeling, adoption training

Impact    |    Reduced page loads for staff on slow internet connections, increased ability to see program layering and identify needs in schools, improved analytics for measuring success